Born in Singapore in 1990, Phyllicia started photography at the age of 17, she has constantly been influenced by works seen in commercial photography and photojournalism.

She began with her photography as a form of escapade and treated it as a tool to present reality. In 2012, however, her works saw a gradual shift in its approach and have been captivated in creating contemporary modern landscape with works that involves a mix of photography and digital manipulations. Her personal works reflects her use of phtography as a mirror to convey the outside, which she sees as equivalent to the inside - her environment mirroring her inner emotions. She works around the idea of equivalence in photography as termed by Alfred Stieglitz whose works can move beyond transcription without abandoning verisimilitude.

In 2014, Phyllicia received a Bachelor in Photography and Digital Imaging from NTU Arts, Design & Media School. She is now working as a photojournalist in Singapore Press Holdings upon graduating.

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